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Gold coins and bars may be a beneficial way to potentially help in
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Rosland Capital has many precious metals available for purchase, including gold, silver, palladium and platinum. Our gold coins include bullion, premium, exclusive specialty and numismatic options, to meet our customers’ varied choices.

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Why Should I Consider Owning Gold?

Our love of gold is as old as civilization. Flakes of gold have been found in Paleolithic caves last inhabited 40,000 years ago. Even today, gold artifacts unearthed from thousands of years ago retain a stunning luster that continues to entrance people of all walks of life.

For thousands of years, gold has served as the solid backing of the world's economies. Nations and empires staked their success and their ambition on this excellent store of value. Today, gold still maintains its status as a store of value.

Gold has historically maintained some value, even in times of inflation and economic instability. Due to this, many people utilize gold as a means to potentially help in protecting their assets.

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Gold Holds Up Against Inflation

In a world where governments can print money at will, gold has become more than just an asset. The dollar may gradually lose purchasing power over time, particularly when inflation is high. However, the real value of gold has held up well, and over time, it's actually grown significantly.

Inflation can devalue the purchasing power of your hard-earned savings and retirement and other assets. In times when inflation is high, diversifying your assets may help hedge against any economic repercussions. Gold is often used to diversify one’s assets and help in potentially safeguarding one’s retirement savings.

Value of Gold Chart: Price of Gold Versus USD's Purchasing Power

Historically, the United States Federal Reserve has been able to indirectly impact the price of gold through a combination of interest rate changes and encouraging the short-selling of gold futures contracts, which are typically exchanged as "paper gold" without the backing of physical precious metal.

However, this tactic works only when the world views the U.S. dollar as a global reserve currency, backed by a government that always pays its debts. In recent years, a significant expansion of U.S. government debt has pushed other nations away from dollars, leaving the Fed with fewer tools to impact gold prices. This has enabled gold prices to continue rising even as interest rates, until very recently, have remained historically low.

Read more about gold's market performance.

Gold As a Retirement Asset

Many gold buyers operate under the belief that physical gold can (or should) only be held in easily accessible safe deposit boxes. While this is a viable way to own physical gold, it may not be the only way to potentially benefit from any possible gains in gold prices.

With a gold IRA, you can own physical gold, held by a trusted custodian, and receive tax benefits for retirement. A distinctive alternative to conventional IRAs, adding gold to your retirement plan may potentially help in shielding your assets from the effects of economic fluctuations. Not to mention, gold IRAs offer the added benefits of owning precious metals.

For detailed information on how to help potentially protect your retirement with gold, check out this guide on gold IRAs from Rosland Capital.

Velvet Box of Collectors' Gold and Silver Coins

How To Buy Gold From Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital Gold offers physical gold in three primary forms: bullion bars, bullion coins, and premium coins. Explore these gold coins from Rosland Capital to see which option may be the most beneficial to you.

Bullion Bars

One-Ounce Gold Bullion Bar

Bullion bars are considered the bulk form of physical gold. This is the type of gold you'll commonly see traded on major markets. Most bullion bars available for public purchase are forged in one-ounce or ten-ounce sizes, although bars weighing up to 400 ounces (25 pounds) can also be obtained on occasion. Gold bullion bars are valued by weight, with their value equivalent to the price of gold per ounce, multiplied by the number of ounces of gold in the bar (if larger than one ounce).

Learn more about bullion bars from Rosland Capital.

Bullion Coins

American Buffalo Gold Bullion Coin

Bullion coins are often minted to the same levels of purity as bullion bars. However, their value is set in two different ways. Gold bullion coins are commonly valued by weight, but since they're typically minted by national governments, they are also considered legal tender and bear a pre-set face value determined when minted.

The metal value of a gold bullion coin will fluctuate based on the price of gold, but the face value of the coin will remain constant. You can use gold bullion coins to buy things in stores, but it's almost never a good idea, as the value of the gold used to create the coin is nearly always greater than the coin’s face value as a medium of exchange. Gold buyers typically value bullion coins based on the weight of gold they contain.

Check out Rosland Capital’s array of bullion coins here.

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Premium Coins (Including Numismatics)

Explore Rosland Capital’s unique collection of premium gold coins, including numismatic coins and collectible coins. Rosland Capital has collaborated with a number of world-class organizations including the British Museum, Formula 1®, the PGA TOUR, and the International Tennis Federation to create a range of exclusive, specialty coins.

British Museum Masterpiece Collection

Rosland Capital's Exclusive British Museum Lewis Chessmen Gold Coin

Rosland Capital’s collaboration with the British Museum includes various coins depicting some of the museum’s most revered pieces such as the Lewis Chessmen figures. The British Museum Masterpiece Collection showcases historic helmets.

British Museum Collection - Lewis Chessmen - The Warder

  • This gold Warder, or rook, is based on a chessman made from walrus ivory in Norway about AD 1150-1200 and found in 1831 hidden in a sandbank on the Scottish Isle of Lewis. This is one of 93 pieces found in the hoard, presumed to have been hidden for safety by a trader in the Middle Ages.

Formula 1® Coin Collection

Rosland Capital's Exclusive Formula 1 Gold Coin

Formula 1 and Rosland Capital present a collection of gold and silver coins celebrating racing events and prestigious names in motor racing. This collection of Formula 1 gold coins includes pieces commemorating the FIA Formula 1 World Championship, various Grand Prix races and some of the greatest racing names such as Michael Schumacher.

Explore the Formula 1 collection here.

Formula 1® Coin Collection - 2022 Championship 2022-issue

  • This limited edition gold coin lists all race locations during the 2022 Formula 1 season. The obverse side features the official F1 logo.

PGA TOUR Coin Collection

Rosland Capital's Exclusive PGA PLAYERS CHAMPIONSHIP Gold Coin

Rosland Capital’s PGA TOUR coin collection honors famed tournaments including the Presidents Cup and the Players Championship. The collection also includes a series of coins depicting “The King,” Arnold Palmer, an American golf icon and noted philanthropist.

View the entire PGA TOUR collection here.

  • This coin features the iconic 17th green and hole from the Players Championship

International Tennis Federation

Rosland Capital's Exclusive ITF Davis Cup Gold Coin

The International Tennis Federation (ITF) is the governing body of tennis and controls the major international team events. This includes the world’s two largest annual team competitions– the Billie Jean King Cup for women, and the Davis Cup for men. To celebrate these tournaments, Rosland Capital has collaborated with ITF to create specially minted gold coins for collectors.

International Tennis Federation - Davis Cup 2022-issue

  • The Davis Cup proof coin depicts the tournament cup in 999.9 fine gold. The coin’s protective packaging shows a green tennis court as well as the competition's logo.

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Why Buy Gold From Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital LLC is a leading precious metals firm based in Los Angeles. Our company was founded in 2008 by CEO Marin Aleksov and now has affiliated offices in the United Kingdom, Germany, France, and Sweden. Rosland supplies its customers with a variety of products made from four popular precious metals: gold, silver, platinum, and palladium.

At Rosland, we strive for excellence with every transaction and aim to build long-term relationships with clients. Our company has an "A+" rating from the Better Business Bureau, a AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance, and reviews from over 600 satisfied customers on Reach150.

In recent years, Rosland has collaborated with esteemed groups like the Swedish-American Chamber of Commerce in our effort to align with like-minded organizations in our community and to make greater strides toward achieving our goals. To learn more about Rosland as a business, visit the company’s profiles on Bloomberg and Crunchbase.

Our company is committed to educating the public on the potential benefits of purchasing gold bullion, gold coins, and other products made from precious metals. In addition to supplementary educational sites like this one and Rosland Capital IRA, we also developed Buy Gold 101 to provide a deeper exploration of the potential value gold can bring to your assets.

Rosland’s dedicated customer service representatives are available to address any concerns you may have at any stage in your gold-buying journey.

Contact our team to learn more about buying gold from Rosland Capital.

Gold Coins and Gold Bar

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